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Travel Guides

From festivals in India to white water rafting in New Zealand, we round up some of the best destinations on the planet to visit.

Day 8 – 13 April 2011 – Our Quest to spot Shere Khan

Updated October 2021 We had an early start this morning as we had a 6 hour road trip for an appointment on an afternoon safari to spot a Royal Bengal Tiger.  Arriving just after 12:00...

Day 19 – 24 April 2011 – From One Extreme to Another

Updated October 2011 I was looking forward to Singapore.  I feel a strong connection with her as I was born there and have been fortunate to visit several times since. We left Mumbai at 10:05 this...

Day 13 – 18 April 2011 – “Blob Out” Day

Updated October 2021 We officially declared today a “blob out” day – government buildings and monuments were still closed and we had some packing to do. Feeling a bit under the weather today, I had breakfast...
Taj Mahal the travel dude

Day 7 – 12 April 2011 – Birthday Cake and Taj Mahal

Updated October 2021 Wow, wow and triple wow.  That sums up today. It was Rhys’ 17th Birthday today and we would be hard pressed to top this.  I can’t remember what I did for my 17th! We...

Day 18 – 23 April 2011 – Farewell Mumbai

Updated October 2011 What an experience last night at the game.  Mumbai Indians won a close game and the atmosphere at the stadium was excellent.  Certainly the best of the venues we’d been to. But what...

Revel in the Romance of Queenstown’s Old World Charm

Widely accepted as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand boasts so many tourist attractions that beckon travellers from near and far.  Real Journeys will take you on an unforgettable...

7 Tips To Consider Before Your Next Flight

Long flights leave many of us feeling irritable and bad-tempered. But you don’t need to enrol in the nearest meditation or yoga class as soon as you land after your next trip! Here are seven...
Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

Day 1 – 6 April 2011 – Slumdog Millionaire, Rickshaws and Spicy Paneers

  Updated October 2021 After all of the planning and hype and nearly 24 hours flying, Rhys and I were finally in the city that Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire propelled to world fame.  But in the...

Day 14 – 19 April 2011 – Sleep Deprived

  Updated October 2021 Arrived just after 06:30 this morning from the overnight train from Jaipur and felt a tad groggy.  This perhaps had something to do with trying to sleep on a noisy train in...
The Red Fort or Lal Qila

Day 4 – 9 April 2011 – Sarongs, Sandstone and Cycle Rides

Updated October 2021 After a healthy breakfast of fruit and juices (honestly!) our driver collected us just after 8am to start a full day of sightseeing in Old Delhi.  First stop was the very impressive...