Updated October 2021

We had an early start this morning as we had a 6 hour road trip for an appointment on an afternoon safari to spot a Royal Bengal Tiger.  Arriving just after 12:00 from a very bumpy road trip (our driver found every pot hole between Agra and Ranthambore) we were thankful of a quick swim at the hotel’s pool and some lunch before our encounter with “Shere Khan”.

Plenty of food on the menu but the hosts were nowhere to be seen!
Plenty of food on the menu but the hosts were nowhere to be seen!

I must admit, that having been twice before and not seeing the world’s illusive cat, I did not have high hopes – although my expectations naturally remained high.  On my last visit, a Black Leopard leapt from nowhere from about 5 metres in front of us and was gone in a flash.  We shared a small Cantor with a family of 4 from Brussels, Belgium and headed off just after 15:00 in search of the Lord of the Jungle.

With cameras and binoculars poised, we set off in the mid-day sun (temperatures exceeded 45 degrees) and crossed our fingers.

Ranthambore Regional Park is globally recognised as a world leading tiger sanctuary – but like all good nature parks, nature is left to run its course.  Unfortunately, today was not our lucky day, although we saw plenty of deer, birds and even crocodiles – but no tigers.  Still, tomorrow is another day!


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