Travelling in Asia will never be complete if you haven’t experienced the beautiful city of Singapore.

Don’t be fooled by its size because although this country may be small, it’s the most advanced metropolis in Southeast Asia. In fact, the capital city (also named Singapore) comprises one-third of the mainland making it almost the whole country in itself. The city has continuously flourished over the past century.


Being hopelessly addicted to travel, my “itchy feet” aroused my appetite to visit this wonderful country again – the country of my birth.

I am completely amazed by Singaporean’s discipline and the efficiency of its government.  In Singapore you won’t need a car or a cab – even as a tourist.

Clarke Quay, Singapore

Singapore’s low crime rate and impressively clean and unpolluted environment means you can leisurely walk to your destination without any worries.

Buses and trains are always on time and so well organised that they have maps situated at each station in case you get confused. It’s not at all surprising why this place has become an epitome for developing nations.

The country is economically wealthy and an attraction hub to tourists who want to have a good time by experiencing the metro at its best.

Singaporean culture is a result of different influences that came from the Chinese, Indians, British and Malays.

Because of this curious blend, the whole country has easily adapted to different lifestyles resulting to myriad food choices, luxurious and classy accommodations, interesting parks and attractions, and highly technological developments.

Three key elements makes my stays fun, exciting, and pleasurable.  Food, shopping, and the amusement parks.

Let’s start with the food.

If you want to whet your taste buds with aromatic Indian delicacies, head to Little India. If you crave appetising Chinese food, head to China Town and enjoy dumplings and noodles.

China Town
China Town, Singapore

Everything I have tasted in the city are scrumptious and savoury but it’s hard to beat the zesty chilli crab, an authentic Singaporean speciality since the 1950s.

Try the East Coast Seafood Centre to savour the full experience of this dish.  The place is teeming with seafood delights – much to my heart’s content!

The chilli crab did not disappoint me. The sauce’s spiciness complimented the sweetness of the crab meat, intensifying the richness of its flavor, making me want more.

Never leave Singapore without having a Singapore Sling – an enticing local cocktail created in the early 1900s.

Loaded with pineapple juice, cherry liqueur, gin, and some lemon juice, it’s an exotic concoction.  One is never enough.

Let’s move on to the next best thing to do in Singapore – shop!

Singapore is known for its sprawling shopping centres located along Orchard Road. They offer designer products such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, Chanel, and so much more!

And you know what? Tourists can refund their taxes up to 7% for a minimum purchase of SGD 200! That is one huge discount making shopping in the city all the more fun and exciting.

Lastly, sightseeing in Singapore is quite an experience.

If you’re seeking an heart-stopping adventure, Universal Studios will certainly provide it.  Or settle for a relaxing couple of hours as you watch dolphins and other unique species in Sentosa.

Treat yourself at a five-star hotel and play the casino at Marina Bay Sands or simply revel at the scenic beauty of the city in the infinity pool located on the rooftop.

Marina Sands View from Singapore River Cruise

Visit the heart of Singapore in Merlion Park.  Merlion, a mythical creature that symbolises the country’s origins, is proudly erected for everyone to see and marvel. Finally, finish your day off by unwinding at the Singapore Flyer, the world’s biggest Ferris wheel.

For the past four decades, Singapore has astonishingly sustained its success by developing its strengths without being overpowered by its fast economic growth.

The mixture of western culture and eastern lifestyle has become a perfect balance that has made the whole country efficient, comfortable, and convenient to both worlds.

Experience Singapore if you want a safe and stress-free vacation in the Orient.


  1. Thanks for your awesome tips and description of Singapore. I’m especially intrigued by the food options, they all sound delicious! Is there anything you didn’t get to try that you wish you could have?

    • Thanks Lauren. I love Singapore’s food, so I’m still working my way through a long list of food options I need to try! I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try fish-head soup yet though!


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